We wanted to share something with everyone that has our hearts weighed down tonight!

Typically we don’t post about stories or events, but this is special!

Our dear friend, Brother and Florida Native, Jonny Meyer was hurt badly in an attempted carjacking early Monday morning. He was shot and is now in ICU.

He is a young, fun loving, Florida native that has made excellent choices and has done the right thing all of his life! He loves to fish, loves the outdoors, life and his family! He loves his Creator and is a solid young man. He has a lifetime ahead of him to live! He has been robbed of some of this.

Terra Dolce Spa is committed to helping Jonny with his medical bills.  Any purchase made on our site during the month of May, we will match every dollar and donate to Jonny.

If you are unable to buy, please help spread the word! He also needs prayers!

If you are so inclined to donate, that is also appreciated!